5 Awesome Very Lower Calorie Foods

low calorie foods

5 Awesome Lower Calorie Foods

If you’re trying to consume fewer calories to help you lose weight, you may need some guidance to find the right foods to consume. As you eat fewer calories, you’ll probably notice that your meals aren’t filling you up as much as they once were. This is easy enough to fix by eating the right low-calorie foods.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best low-calorie foods that will have you feeling full without all the calories. These foods will make awesome snacks, junk food replacements, meals, etc. to keep you feeling fuller longer and stick with your low-calorie lifestyle.

1) Eggs

Eggs are rich in vital nutrients and low in calories, making them a super nutrient-dense option for a lower calorie food. Large eggs contain about six grams of protein, a wide array of necessary and vital minerals and vitamins, and only about 72 calories. If you start your day with a serving of eggs, you can reduce your hunger and snacking throughout the day. Eggs are full of protein and other nutrients, helping you feel fuller from less, leading to less snacking. On the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle we classify whole eggs as a Fatty Protein. We teach you how to enjoy eggs with toast!

2) Fish

The number one way to curb your hunger while eating fewer calories is getting those calories from high-protein, lower calorie foods. Fish is very rich in protein, healthy oils, and heart-healthy fats. For example, just one 3-ounce serving of cod can fill you with more than 15 grams of protein for less than 70 calories. Studies have shown that fish protein has the greatest impact on the feeling of fullness out of all the meat protein options. Swapping fish for the protein in your meal could help you curb hunger without going over your daily calorie count. On the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle we classify most fish as a Lean Protein. We teach you many ways to enjoy how you can safely enjoy your fish with pasta, potatoes, fruit and more!

3) Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt can be a great option for a low-calorie snack, breakfast, or the perfect side, so long as you choose the right Greek yogurt. Obviously, the Greek yogurts containing tons of sugary sweet flavors or toppings are going to have a higher calorie count than plain Greek yogurt; however we will point out to you the best flavored grocery store Greek yogurts that won’t derail your weight loss! Greek yogurt is another high-protein food that can help squelch hunger and keep you fuller for longer without wasting a big chunk of your daily allotment of calories. You may even add some fruit and approved granola for a great parfait!

4) Berries

Certain berries can also help to curb your hunger without overwhelming your daily calorie count. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all loaded with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are good for you and keep you in optimal health. These berries are also loaded with fiber that can help to increase your weight loss and reduce your hunger, keeping you fuller longer and helping to minimize your snacking throughout the day. They can also help you curb your sweet tooth as they’re a healthier sweet option. We will teach you how to enjoy fruit without going into a fat storage mode due to the natural sugars.

5) Popcorn

Everyone loves snacking on some potato chips but they’re far from healthy (although there are healthier, approved options at your grocery store!). A great low-calorie alternative to snacking on bags of potato chips is popcorn. This delicious snack has only 31 calories in one cup and has 1.2 grams of dietary fiber which is 5% of your daily fiber needs. There are several pre-popped versions which are found in grocery stores listed on our website.


There are so many other options at your local grocery store. At Achieve Weight Loss, we will teach you about these foods (and many other lower-calorie foods) and how them work for you. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to enjoy higher-calorie foods too!


How to Make Weight Loss Easier

How to Make Weight Loss Easier

It’s no secret that dropping pounds is a challenging feat. Between finding the time to prepare healthy meals and educating yourself about your food, time and resources are limited.

In addition, some feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive which is why at Achieve we cut through the hype and give you a realistic, practical way of eating food from your grocery store so you can live a sustainable lifestyle.

Many people also find that losing weight is a challenge for them because they can’t curb their cravings. Often times, many people set out to achieve their weight loss goals, only to give up within a few days of starting. This can be both discouraging and disappointing for those in these situations.

How can you make losing weight easier? Since losing weight is a great challenge,  there are several things you can do to make this process easier and purposeful. Let’s consider a few tips you can start implementing today to tackle your weight loss journey. Let me share with you four ways how to make weight loss easier:

1. Set a Goal

Goal setting is an excellent way to kick start your loss journey. If you enter this new aspect of your life blind, you’ll easily get overwhelmed. Instead, write down your overall weight loss goal then set small milestones and focus on those only. For example, if you need to lose 75lbs then focus on losing 8-10 pounds a month. By setting your intentions and planning your goals accordingly, you’ll have a blueprint to go off of. This will help you navigate your weight loss journey easier.

2. Celebrate the “Wins”

Celebrate every small victory. If you started at 280lbs then celebrate when you cross into the 270’s! Celebrate when you lose your first 5lbs! Celebrate when you have lost 5% of your body weight, etc. At Achieve Weight Loss our online system awards you for reaching milestones. Your profile will show awards for every 5lbs lost, body percentage lost, crossing into healthier BMI’s, etc.

3. Address Cravings

If you know certain situations trigger your cravings, do your best to avoid them. For example, if you have to pass a bakery every day on your way home from work, perhaps try another route. If you know handing with certain people will drive you to overeat, limit your time with them. Identifying your triggers and doing what you can to avoid them is an excellent way to make weight loss easier.

Another way to make your weight loss easier is to find substitutes which will satisfy  your cravings for chocolate, chips, sweets, etc.  At Achieve Weight Loss we show you what products taste good and satisfy those cravings so you don’t have to feel deprived!

4. Don’t Starve Yourself

It’s easy to want to give up when you’re depriving yourself. There is no need to deprive yourself of a snack (or two), an extra or a freebie in addition to your three meals a day! Also, we educate you about how to make your food work for you so you will feel fuller longer.

Many people are shocked that at Achieve Weight Loss we allow people to have up to two days a week when they may eat whatever they want! Yes, you may gain a little weight on those days, but if you enjoy the occasional pizza there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. Weight loss is a mental game and if you feel deprived of having a night out with friends, you will not succeed! Deprivation will make you hate your weight loss journey.

5. Avoid Comparison

Comparison is the enemy of happiness. If you find yourself comparing your weight loss journey to someone else’s, you’ll easily get discouraged. Avoid comparing your body to others. Remember their body is NOT your body and vice versa. Everyone’s body is different. Be proud of your body throughout all aspects of your weight loss journey. This will keep you happy and motivated to continue on your journey.


Instead of viewing weight loss as this insurmountable feat, look at it as a small obstacle that you can overcome. With a little motivation and guidance, you can reach your weight loss goals. The trick here is to understand that it won’t be easy. When you set yourself up for expectations, you’re sure to fail. Therefore, be patient with yourself and do all you can to keep going on your weight loss journey. You’ll find that by taking it slow and implementing these four tips, you’ll have the ammunition you need to keep going.


4 Reasons We Overeat

4 Reasons for Overeating

If you’re having a weight problem, one simple solution might be that you eat too much. After all, calories do count! Of course, it’s may be more complicated than that. Maybe activity is a problem. Maybe there are biological factors like a slow metabolism or a hormonal problem that you should be working through with your doctor.  However, the best way to get progress is to get started. So, let’s keep it simple and talk about overeating. It’s easier to eat less if you know why you eat too much.

4 Possible Reasons You Eat Too Much

1. You Eat the Wrong Things

Food is food is food, right? Wrong. You may decide what to eat based on things like personal preference, what you know, and what you can afford. However, on a biological level, not all foods are created equally. As a result, what you eat can impact how much you eat. One good example is that different foods digest at different rates so they spend different lengths of time in your stomach. A lot of things can help determine when you feel hungry but stretch receptors in your stomach are one factor. Simple carbs, like those found in many prepared foods, junk foods, and snack foods digest quickly so they flood your body with energy right away and then leave you feeling hungry again. Complex carbs, like those found in whole grains, and proteins take longer to digest so they leave you feelings full longer. Don’t worry, you can eat both simple and complex carbs as part of your Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle; we will teach you how to make them work for you!

2. You Eat too Quickly

Remember those stretch receptors that we talked about? They’re about to come up again. Those stretch receptors take a little bit to send signals to your brain. That means that if you eat too quickly, the messages can get to your brain after you’ve already eaten enough to fill your stomach. In order to prevent this, one simple option is to eat slowly. Take time to enjoy your meal and you may find yourself feeling full sooner and eating less. We address this topic more in-depth in our class called “Mindful Eating.”

3. You’re Used to Eating too Much

There’s more going on in your body than just stretch receptors in the stomach walls but we’re going to keep on them for just a little bit longer. As your stomach stretches out from regularly overeating, those stretch receptors can become less effective. If the stomach gets larger, it takes more to fill so your stomach can be telling you that you’re still hungry even after you’ve eaten more than your body needs. People who address overeating early enough in their lives can adopt smaller portions and feel a little hungry while their stomachs return to a healthy state and while they learn healthier eating habits. A great part of living the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle is that you will feel fuller longer because you are guaranteed to get an adequate proportion of carbs, fats and protein in your meals.

4. You Eat for the Wrong Reasons

Finally, you may be eating too much because you eat for the wrong reasons. Food serves a strictly biological need. However, it also serves social needs. As a result, we may eat because we’re with friends or at a party or celebrating rather than because we’re hungry. Some foods, including those high in sugar and fats, can also serve another purpose. These foods are rich in easy energy. This made them desirable for our ancient ancestors who had far more limited access to these foods than we do. As a result, our bodies release good-feeling chemicals when we eat them to encourage us to eat more making it easy for to become addicted to these foods.

Once again, there is some good news. In the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle we will introduce you to foods/products which will satisfy your cravings for chocolate, breads, etc. but will not put you into a fat storage mode. We will teach about the best fats and ways to enjoy fruits, which have natural sugar and can help satisfy your cravings, but are also full of  vitamins, minerals, and fiber!

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, overeating may not be your only weight control problem – or it may not be a problem at all. If it is, it could be a reason other than those discussed above. Articles like this are a good place to start but if you are serious about correcting your weight problem you need to keep a healthy relationship with your healthcare provider. Together, you and your doctor can determine the causes but whatever the cause, the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle can be a part of your solution!


Things To Look Forward To After Weight Loss

Things To Look Forward To After Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard; staying motivated when you aren’t seeing many results can be devastating and seem impossible. We’re here to help by providing you with a healthy dosage of motivation to inspire you to keep at it, despite the difficulty and the discouragement.

1) Having more energy

One great benefit to losing weight is experiencing more energy regularly. At Achieve Weight Loss as you learn how to make your food work, you will find your energy levels start to go up with in a week! You’ll find that you’re not as tired throughout your day and that you don’t get so exhausted by just basic, everyday tasks. This means you’ll be able to get more done in a day, participate in activities that used to be off limits to you, and not have to miss out on any of the fun parts of life.

After weight loss you will find you have more energy to play with your kids and work as much as you need to. Enough energy to clean the house and cook dinner. Having more energy is an amazing benefit and reward to the effort of losing weight.

2) Increased longevity

Being overweight comes with a lot of health risks and concerns and that can shorten your life expectancy and lessen your overall quality of life. When you put the effort into educating and empowering yourself how to make your food work for you, you will lose the weight lowering many health risks such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels, osteoarthritis and more!

All this work comes with the reward of potentially increased longevity. Of course, none of us have a guarantee, but you can greatly improve your health and lower your risks by making these changes and sticking to a healthier lifestyle.

3) Improved self-confidence

Your confidence will improve after weight loss not only by helping you feel like you look better but also by helping you feel better. The better you feel, the more confident and happier you will start to feel. At Achieve Weight Loss we constantly hear stories about how weight gain has hurt a person’s self confidence and we want you to get that confidence back!

Self-confidence does a world of good for your overall quality of life and could lead to many great benefits in your career and your personal life. Confidence is an appealing quality; it’s indicative of great leadership qualities and is sexy to those around you. Healthy confidence can get you everywhere in life and losing weight and getting healthier can help you get there!

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4) Improved mood

There are a lot of reasons why losing weight can contribute to a more consistently good mood. First off, the healthier foods you’re eating to help you lose that weight are chock full of good things for you that help you feel happy and healthy. Secondly, the better you feel, the happier you’ll be. And thirdly, if you’re happier with your health and appearance, you’re going to be happier consistently.

When you lose weight, you can definitely notice a difference in your overall mood. This extends to every aspect of your life as being consistently happier makes you a joy to be around, a kinder person, and tends to make you more appealing in general to those around you.


It can be hard to keep motivated on your weight loss journey, especially as you reach the plateau stage that everyone finds during their diet.  A good way to keep your motivation up and help you stick to your diet and healthier lifestyle is by reminding yourself of the rewards waiting for you on the other side. At Achieve Weight loss we understand the importance of motivation which is why our clients receive a daily motivational video email full of information along with an optional daily motivational text message.

We hope this article has helped to restore your motivation and inspire you to keep working hard to get healthier and lose that weight. It’s never too late for you to start trying to lose weight or for you to get yourself back on track. Give it a try today and don’t give up; the benefits are more than worth the hard work and effort.


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