Dr. Jim Wright

Co-Founder & Trainer

In my early twenties I was diagnosed as being hypoglycemic. Sugar crashes were common for me, but as I entered my late thirties I was noticing medical indicators which were starting to head in the wrong direction. My blood pressure was continuing to increase; I was lethargic, and struggling with acid reflux. In addition, I was struggling with bouts of chest pains which led to a nuclear stress test. As I began to experience more and more symptoms, my concern began to grow. After all, both my grandfathers had died before age 55 and my grandmothers had also died by their early 60’s. As I was getting into my forties, I too was thinking I needed to do something.

I thought that exercise would be my ticket out of my weight struggles. The church I pastored was hosting a martial arts studio at our recreation facility. Our son and I both joined the classes. I thought this was a great opportunity to live a childhood dream of getting a black belt plus the added benefit of losing weight. Although I did manage to attain second-degree black belt status, I did not lose much weight. I describe myself at that point in my life as being “fit fat.” I could kick in the head, but I didn’t look like it!

My days in marital arts ended when I developed Acquired Spondylolisthesis resulting in a spinal fusion. When you can barely walk, what do you do? You eat! As I convalesced I gained more weight. At this point, I knew it would be months before I could do any exercise and martial arts was out-of-the-question.

At this point, I began to learn the nutritional information I teach today. I found myself spending hours in the grocery store creating lists of what I could eat. Eventually, people started noticing my weight loss. They asked me to start writing menus and to give them pointers. Next, I developed a blog which started receiving hundreds of “hits” a month. By July, I was asked to put his menus and recipes into a cookbook.

Since how I lost weight was similar to a program developed by Travis Martin of Thrive Weight Loss, LLC, I was invited to teach for the company as their first certified independent coach in 2012. For the next year-and-a-half I traveled throughout Indiana teaching classes in schools, churches and businesses. In June, 2013 Thrive Weight Loss, LLC closed but I wanted to continue to help people live a sustainable weight loss lifestyle. Therefore, my wife (Laura) and I launched Achieve Weight Loss in August, 2013. 

I know that these lifestyle principles for weight loss work because I have seen the changes in thousands of people and they will make a change in your life too. Welcome to sustainable weight loss!

What We Do

We educate and empower you to use your food to lose weight! No pills, no shots, no potions, no shakes, and no required product purchases!

How We Do It

We will guide you as you learn about your food and how it works in your body by providing you with online coaching support and motivational tools.

Why We Do It

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to lose weight. You have the tools in your house and local stores. We teach you how to use them