“Six months ago I never thought I would wake up excited to see what I weigh today!"


“I went from 210 lbs to my goal weight of 150lbs. I see the results of my choices--which is the miraculous thing about Achieve."


"I've struggled with my weight all my life. Achieve is the first thing I have done that I feel like I can do the rest of my life." 

Diane Ruyack

Retired Dietician

This is a very good weight loss program that is doable.

Deb M


So far this is one of easiest diet plans I have been on.


“When I started Achieve, I was skeptical but then I started losing weight! Achieve is doable because I can go to the grocery store and get what I need."


“I am a Vegan, but I still wasn't able to lose weight. I joined Achieve online and was inspired. I lost 8 1/2 pounds my first week! I've lost at total of 40lbs.”


“I was reluctant at first...

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Overcoming Cancer 

"If I can do it, you can do it too"


“It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. No gimmicks. Extreme care and support from the staff. It has changed my life dramatically."


“I'm off all my medications. My doctors are amazed. "

Shirley L. 


 "Just wanted to let you know one year ago today I came to my first Achieve class and this morning I weighed exactly 30 lbs less than my starting weight and 5 lbs less than my goal weight!!!!  I feel like I am set for the rest of my life."