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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a discount for a married couple?
A: Yes. We will give a 15% discount to a married couple. This discount will be in addition to the group discount. Married couples will receive a special discount code to use when they pay online.

Q: Can a person make payments if they cannot afford the cost upfront?
A: Yes, we will give you a link which will spread out your payment over two months

Q: May I attend the first class to see if this is for me?
A: Yes, you may attend the first class for free. 

Q: Is there a discount for former members?
A: Yes, former Achieve members can attend the weight loss series for $49.99. If you need to get a book, there is a $20.00 additional charge.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You will receive an email with a payment link about 24 hours before the first class. The email will include the discount based on the number of people attending.

Q: Can I pay in class?
A: Yes, you can pay in class; however, we prefer you pay online if possible.

Q: How long is the class?
A: The class is for approximately 1 hour over 6 weeks

Q: Will this work for a type 2 diabetic?
A: Yes, but please consult your doctor. We've seen many type 2 diabetics eliminate or reduce their medication!