Success Mindset

Success Mindsets

The steps to weight loss begin with the following:

  • I want to lose weight
  • How do I lose weight
  • I’ll try to lose weight
  • However, sustainable weight loss success does not end by having those states of mind. You must adopt a success mindset! We will look at the two mindsets necessary for weight loss success. The first mindset will enable you to initially enjoy weight loss while the last mindset will result in sustainable weight loss. The first success mindset is:

    1. I Can Do It!

    You grow into this mindset as you move forward. Your first week or two of weight loss education is the “I’ll try it” mindset. If you stick to the program, you will shift into the “I Can Do It” mindset as you see success.

    You will realize you can make your food work for you. You will find that you can navigate life because your new lifestyle allows for cheat days. You will discover that there are ways to make restaurants work for you as well as simple ways to modify your meals.

    Truthfully, about sixty percent of people who start at Achieve Weight Loss experience the “I Can Do It” mindset after a couple of weeks. What about the other forty percent? Of that group, twenty percent never make it out of the starting mindsets of “I Want to Do it”, “How Do I Do It” or I’ll Try to Do it”. They never make it past these mindsets because they won’t put in the time or effort to learn. The remaining twenty percent are those in this final mindset.

    2. I Will Do It!

    Those individuals with this mindset not only have an initial weight loss, but they go on to live a sustainable weight loss lifestyle. They have determined that they are going to make their food work for them not only while they are in the classes, but long after the classes are over. They choose to live a weight loss lifestyle.


    The truth is that everyone who puts the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle into practice will lose weight: some will lose a lot of weight in the initial weeks!

    We can post the numbers and success stories like all the major programs, but what I am talking about goes beyond the initial first six weeks or so of the program. The twenty percent of people I am referring to are those who lose their weight and keep it off because they choose to live a new lifestyle. Determine now that you are going to be in that twenty percent group!

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