5 Worst Weight Loss Excuses and how to Overcome them!

We are all experts in excuses when it comes to weight loss. Either we don’t even want to start trying to lose weight, or we have been trying (unsuccessfully) and are grasping at whatever excuse will make us feel better. Let’s take a look at these 5 weight loss excuses and ways to overcome them them.

Excuse 1: Now is not a good time to start.

This excuse is one of my favorites! Unless you actually believe that the world and all its stresses are going to stop while you learn a new lifestyle, there will NEVER be a good time to start. We all just need to get the “not a good time” mantra out of our heads and get started.

Excuse 2: It’s genetics! Everyone in my family is overweight.

I will give you a little slack on this one. Some people do have a harder time losing weight than others. Before you start smiling and saying “see, I can’t lose weight” let’s take a second to think about this. Most families tend to eat the same healthy or unhealthy food. This will then literally get passed down from generation to generation. Think about it, we LEARN to eat the types of food we eat. We even LEARN to turn to food in certain stressful or even joyous occasions.

Excuse 3: Diets don’t work for me, my metabolism is sooo slow.

Let me first start by saying “STOP DIETING!” ( Whoa, wait a minute what is she saying?) You are absolutely right, diets do not work. You need to start looking at eating healthy as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will help you lose weight and feel better.

I will also agree that as you get a little older your metabolism does slow down…… but just a little. It does not account for the 50 pounds you have gained in the last 5 years. There is one magical thing that will help speed up your metabolism and that is weight bearing exercises. As you build muscle, you also speed up your metabolism.

Excuse 4: Healthy food is too expensive.

Really?? So all the money that you now waste on cookies and chips can’t be replaced by healthy food? All the money you spend on fast food and other fattening, unhealthy food can’t be used to buy leaner meats and fresh veggies? Also, you need to remember that when you eat food that is good for you, you stay full for longer.

Furthermore, you are eating better portions which is probably LESS food that what you were eating.
Also, you may be able to stop taking some medications that could be costing you a substantial amount of money each month.

Finally, eating healthy is cheaper than paying for a heart attack! (Oh yes, I did go there.) You must consider how valuable your health is.

Excuse 5: I don’t have time to cook.

To this excuse I say “Okay, then don’t cook”. (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?) Have a healthy sandwich or get some pre-cooked chicken and make a salad or a wrap on a healthy tortilla. There are also plenty of healthy pre-packaged meals that will heat up in the microwave in a few minutes. There really are plenty of options.

If there is one day that you do have time to cook, make a few different meals and freeze in one portion sized containers. When you need a quick meal, just pull one out and reheat in microwave.

I hope that you are ready to stop making excuses and start getting healthy! Comment below and let us know how your progress is going. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved one meal at a time. Don’t give up!

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