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If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must lose your weight with a lifestyle approach. In other words, the way you eat to lose weight is basically the way you will continue to eat after you lose the weight.

For most of us a lifestyle without ice cream or frozen treats is not feasible. So, the trick is: how can I lose weight and maintain it while still enjoying ice cream and frozen treats. In this brief article, we will look at our top picks for frozen pops–watch for future articles on ice cream!

What constitutes a “frozen pop”? We are going to classify a frozen pop as any frozen treat on a stick.

As you survey the vast amounts of frozen treats on a stick, there are a few questions you will need to answer: 1) What should you look for in selecting a frozen pop for weight loss? 2) How many frozen pops can have per day 3) How should I categorize the frozen pops in my lifestyle? Let’s take the last question first.

Categorizing frozen pops

For most of us, a weight loss lifestyle involves at least one snack a day. At Achieve Weight Loss we have the following categories: snacks, extras and freebies. In this blog post, we will focus on the bars which work as a snack–watch for future articles on bars which can work as an extra.

At Achieve Weight Loss, Frozen Pops Fit into the Snack or Extra Categories .

Frozen Pops Per Day

In general, ladies may have up to one snack a day while men may have up to two a day.* Although this is not fair, a 1985 study in the Journal of Applied Physiology demonstrated that men naturally have more muscle than women. According to Nick Ng in his article, How Many Calories Does a Pound of Muscle Burn Per Day?, “Muscles burn 5.5 times more calories than fat tissues…”, thus men have more fat-burning potential than ladies. Therefore, men are allowed to have an additional snack per day.

Ladies: Up to One Frozen Snack Treat Per Day; Men: Up to Two Frozen Snack Treats Per Day*

Qualifying a Frozen Treat

At Achieve Weight Loss we teach a simple formula for qualifying products as a snack. We have almost 700 snacks listed on our website which qualify as a snack. The Achieve formula takes several things into consideration: calories, fiber, sugar alcohols and protein. We seek to strike a balance between calories and insulin response. Here are three of our top picks for grocery store frozen treats which work as a snack:

#1: Enlightened Ice Cream Bars

The Enlightened ice cream bars are the top pick for a few reasons: 1) they tend to be slightly lower in sugar than their competitors, 2) they have fiber, 3) they offer a larger range of bars (e.g., Keto bars) and, 4) they often have slightly higher protein amounts (especially in the “lower-calorie” line).

Although Achieve Weight Loss is not a keto diet, many keto products do work within the Achieve Weight loss framework. To keep calories under control, we recommend you not exceed more than 200 calories in your snack–assuming the product meets our snack formula. On the downside, a one of the Enlightened bars does exceed our calorie limit for a snack. The keto line of Enlighten bars are typically in the 190 calorie range; whereas the non-keto “low-calorie” lines range between 70-150 calories. For those bars in the 70-100 calorie range, you may have up to two bars and only count them as one snack!

#2: Halo Top Pops

The Halo Top Pops are wonderful frozen pops for weight loss because they are: 1) low in calories (50-110 calories per pop), 2) high in fiber (5-6 grams/per pop), and 3) high in protein (6 grams/per pop). Ice Cream Pop for Weight Loss 2 Achieve To be safe, don’t consume more than 200 calories in these pops for a snack. Concerning the versions of 100 calories or less, you may have 2-4 of the pops and they count only as 1 snack–as long as you keep under 200 calories.


As a part of the “Better for You” line of products, the CarbSmart bars are absolutely delicious. In terms of pure taste and texture, many would rank these bars as the top pick. While they are very tasty, they do have some shortfalls compared to our top two pics: 1) lower protein and, 2) lower fiber content. On a positive note, they tend to be slightly lower in sugar compared to the Halo Top and Enlightened bars. The Breyer’s bars range from 60-150 calories. Like the previously mentioned products, you may have multiples of the bars which are 100 calories or less as long as the total calories consumed are 200 or less for your snack.

There are other bars on the market which qualify as “Achieve Approved” snacks. If you are an active member of Achieve Weight loss, login, and go the grocery section, then snack section and type in “bars” in the search engine to pull up a list of qualified ice cream bars. Or, use the snack formula we teach you and find snacks as you go shopping!

Have a Healthy Day!

*If you exercise for 30 minutes, you may have an additional snack.

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