7 Tips for Eating Out While Losing Weight

Can you lose weight while living a mobile lifestyle? Many people have told us through the years that they cannot lose the weight because they are always eating out on business trips or due to a busy schedule. Eating out presents some obstacles in one’s weight loss journey. For example  unhealthy dishes are readily available making the temptation stronger. Also, you tend to eat out with friends, co-workers and family members making peer pressure a very real concern. Another struggle is the variety of dishes and desserts which are there for the choosing. Let’s be honest, it is easy to give into the “Diet Demon” when you eat out!

However, it is not impossible to lose weight and live a busy lifestyle. We had an Achieve family member who lost 85 lbs despite the fact that he often traveled overseas on business. Weight loss and eating out are not mutually exclusive! How can you lose weight while eating out? Here are a few quick tips:

1. Know the Rules

A basic rule of the Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle is to limit (not eliminate) starches and sugars. Therefore a simple “Hack” is to stick with meat and vegetables. For example, enjoy steak and broccoli. If you have a small side salad, use light, fat free dressing or have the dressing on the side and tine your fork in it.

2. Use the Website/App
If you want to go beyond the safest option: meat + veggie, the  mobile-friendly Achieve Weight Loss website has numerous restaurants to
research. If a restaurant is not listed, consider using an app such as: HealthyOut. Be sure to apply the knowledge you learn at Achieve Weight Loss so you can make the best choices.

3. Avoid High Pressure Zones
Okay, so your all-time favorite food is Italian, and you love your pasta dishes, or maybe you cannot imagine eating a Chinese feast
without a few egg rolls, so when you first start out it may be better to avoid these high-pressure zones at least until you are settled into the lifestyle. So choose other restaurants and give yourself a break.

4. Check Your Motivation
Before you even head out to eat, it’s a good idea to reaffirm your goals to stay motivated and to avoid temptation. Read your daily motivational text or review your daily motivational video email from Achieve Weight Loss. It is also a good idea to set up your target weight in your online weight tracker.

5. Don’t Starve Yourself
Never got to a restaurant when you’re famished. By eating when you’re desperately hungry, not only do you increase the possibility of having an unplanned Junk Day, but you also risk overeating. As the size of your meal increases, so does your risk of rebound hunger. If you’re finding this is a common issue, try eating every three to four hours and eat slowly and deliberately. (Remember, each day you may have up to three meals, one or two snacks, an Extra and Freebies!)

6. Peruse The Menu
Due to the high popularity of low carb diets, many restaurants are now adding calorie count, heart healthy and other labels to their menu
items and this includes low carb. Do the research and find those in your area that do this, and always check the menu for those tags no matter where you eat. Not all low-carb selections are Achieve approved, but that is a good place to start your research.

7. Be Prepared
Before you even leave the house, you can give yourself a head start by previewing the restaurant or cafes’ menu online. By familiarizing yourself with the menu, you can mentally note which dishes are healthy and avoid making an uninformed, unhealthy, and impulsive decision.

There are many more tips for eating out and losing weight. Get your e-book of 34 Eating Out Tips today.

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