Annica’s 60lbs Weight Loss Story

Today we are interviewing Annica C. of Indianapolis, In.

Annica, tell us a little about yourself

I work part-time as the office and communications coordinator for our church, but my main focus is being a caretaker for my 83 year old mother who is struggling with Parkinsons.

Please share your weight loss journeyAnnica's 60 lbs Weight Loss

It has been a long journey. Many years ago I saw a photograph of myself and I thought “No, that is not how I look!” So we tried eating whole grains, drinking more water, bumping up our vegetables. I lost around 30 lbs then, because at that point I was afraid to get on the scale. I believe weighed 240lbs. So I got down to 210lbs and I maintained the weight.

But then a few years later I had a health scare and found out that I had type II diabetes. At that point, I realized I had to change. I had watched my father die a slow death due to complications from type II diabetes. He passed away when he was only 63 years old. I was 42 years old (I am now 45years old) when I got the diagnosis and I thought “I want to have more than twenty years left and I want a better quality of life than I saw my father have.” So that’s when I got serious.

Plus, my husband Rob had been wanting to lose weight. He had just bought a new suit and they called him “Portly short” and he didn’t want to be called that. So we started this new thing called Achieve Weight Loss.

When we started doing Achieve together, we saw significant results. I went from 210lbs, when I was diagnosed with type II diabetes, down to my goal weight of 150lbs after about one-and-a-half years on Achieve.

I have learned that with Achieve Weight Loss there are going to be seasons in your life when you may gain a little back, but you can easily take the weight back off because you know how to make your food work for you.

What was your A1C?

My “aha” moment was when my A1C was 9.9 and my doctor immediately put me on three medications. Achieve taught me how to eat, what to eat and how to make food work for me. Achieve helped give us a framework so we both had success. I am now back in the normal A1C level and off the medications.

It is astounding to me how people don’t know how to eat (to sustain their weight loss) and the Achieve program is so easy to implement and understand.

I see the results of my choices and I think that is the miraculous thing about Achieve. Even if you gain a little weight back, you can take control again. I was talking to another Achiever a few weeks ago she said “Do you ever see people who are overweight and you want to up to them and say ‘There is an answer and it’s Achieve’”. We both feel that same way. I can remember back in those days of being a size 22-24W, back in the 240lbs days, and thinking that was just my lot in life. Emotionally I probably become comfortable with whom I was but that didn’t negate the health risks that I was exposing myself to. Once I became aware of what I was doing to my own body—type II diabetes is one of the diseases that we cause ourselves. I ate myself into that disease and I learned to eat myself out of it!

I feel more comfortable in life in general. The biggest change is I don’t have to think “Can I sit in that chair”, “Will I fit in that car” or “Do we need to balance things out when someone else is sitting on the furniture with me.”

I was overweight as a child from second grade on. There was never a time when I could walk into a normal size store. Now, for the first time, I can walk into any store and find something I can wear and that has been liberating. It is great getting a pair of pants that have only one digit instead of two!

Do you think this is lifestyle you can maintain the rest of your life and why?

What I personally love is that Achieve Weight Loss teaches us the best practices but there are ways you can adjust Achieve to fit your changing lifestyle. I love that I can tailor make what I learn in Achieve to fit in my life. Achieve is not restrictive—it is empowering.

Thank you Annica for being a part of our interview.

Thank you for what you have done and for giving us a second leas on life!

Victoria has lost 95 POUNDS!

“Thank you!  I appreciate the meal ideas you email with recipes.  Also, your motivation is off the charts.  My favorite so far is “Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.”   (Nancy C)

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