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Achieve Success Stories

“I've been on weight loss programs since 12 years old. I've lost 65pounds with Achieve in my seventh decade of Life. ”

Joan C

“I've tried every diet known to man and I was skeptical about Achieve. There is something different about Achieve. I've lost 50 pounds so far!"

Beth P

“I never thought I could lose weight after having cancer, radiation therapy, and being on so many medications, but here I am 18 pounds down in 8 weeks."

Jennifer C

“I am a Vegan, but I still wasn't able to lose weight. I joined Achieve online and was inspired. I lost 8 1/2 pounds my first week! I've lost at total of 40lbs.”

Kelly T

“Nothing else was working. I started Achieve after watching a co-worker lose on it. I've lost 26 pounds in 16 weeks."


“I'm a busy mom of two. With Achieve I am back to my pre-child weight. It is not a special diet, it is a lifestyle. I've lost 30 pounds with Achieve."


“I've tried everything to lose weight, but I couldn't sustain it. The Achieve program is different-it is the easiest thing I have done. So far, I've lost over 40 pounds on Achieve." 


“My cholesterol was up and the doctor told me I needed to get it lower. I started Achieve and I lowered my cholesterol 19 points!”


“Achieve was super easy to follow. I got a lot of support. The weight started coming off quickly. I'm smaller now than I have ever been!”


You can be a Success Story!

More Nice Words From Facebook

"It really is working for me. I don't seem to be hungry and enjoy all the real food that we get to eat." 


"I love Achieve, for the past 15 weeks I've loss 41lbs. Thank you Jim for all you do to keep us motivated and on the path to a new and healthy body, I love my journey in losing this weight, a new and confident me is getting stronger, but to be totally honest I have to say this battle not been all mine, God has walked with me all the way and I know he truly has me in his hands, thank you Father... I love you" 


"This is a lifestyle change I can live with! Jim and Laura are amazing - and I've met the best people. Love it!" 


"They are there to help you, to motivate you, to answer your questions. It's like no other place I have ever tried. I know that with their help and with God I will be able to ACHIEVE my desired weight! God bless!"


"Great way to change your life and become healthier!!! Love the program!!" 


"It's awesome I've loss 20 lbs! I have learned how to eat correctly." 


You can be a Success Story!