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The Benefits of Journaling for Weight Loss

Journaling for Weight Loss

The Benefits of Journaling for Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, one idea that you might have heard or that your doctor may have told you about is journaling for weight loss.” It’s not an idea that most people are familiar with, which is a shame. It’s useful for weight loss as well as for a number of other things. So, what is diet journaling? How does it work? How can it help you lose weight and what else is it good for?

Keeping a Diary for Weight Loss

Eating is such a natural part of our everyday lives that sometimes we do it without thinking about it. That can lead us to eat more than we realize or eat too much of certain foods.
Diet journals are a tool to help us better understand what we eat so that we can make better, more conscious decisions. Keeping a diet journal overtime can help you to better understand your eating habits but starting a diet journal is likely to make you think more carefully about what you eat in the first place.

How Does it Work?

Diet Diaries can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be – or as complex as your doctor wants them to be. A basic diet journal could just be lists of what you eat that you keep on your phone or a notebook that can fit in your pocket. For a more specific diet journal, write down the times that you ate, or use a scheduler instead of a notebook. That way, the time fields are already provided for you. Even more complex journals may include information like the carbohydrate or calorie count for the foods that you eat. This information isn’t always as readily available as it should be for certain foods, but some books or a quick internet search can find you a rough estimate for just about anything. Finally, your diet diary can include other pieces of information, like physical activity.

At Achieve Weight Loss we encourage our clients to journal so we can coach them along the way. Every time a client submits a weight loss journal it is reviewed and feedback is provided. This is one of the ways we educate and empower people how make their food work for them.

What Does it Do?

As mentioned above, starting a diet diary can help you to think more about your eating habits and keeping one can help you to better understand your diet. One great example is why you eat what you eat. A lot of people make their worst diet decisions when they’re stressed or in a hurry. You might also make different dietary decisions in different social events or when you spend time with different people. Diet journaling can help you understand these relationships so that you can plan ahead for them.

Also, we tend to underestimate the amount of food we eat. Keeping a diet diary gives you a visual account of what you have consumed for the day. You may find that you are eting too many snacks, grazing or eating the wrong kinds of foods. Again, the team at Achieve Weight loss provides feedback on what you consumed. Your coach may note that you are eating too much — or even too little!

Beyond Weight Loss

Losing weight through keeping at diet diary isn’t the only benefit. Food can affect us in many different ways that we might not be aware of. Diet journaling can help us to uncover those relationships. By keeping a diet diary you may find that you eat more when you’re stressed but you may also find other things like you tend to have headaches on days when you eat certain foods. Avoiding these foods can help you to live a more enjoyable and productive life even if it doesn’t necessarily contribute to your weight loss goals. In fact, that is why at Achieve Weight Loss we encourage our clients to journal even on a day when they choose to eat whatever they want. They may find that certain foods (e.g., sweets) may be the reason they felt lethargic, bloated or grouchy that day. In the future, they may decide to avoid those foods even on a “Junk Day” because they learned from their journalling the effects of those foods!


Diet journaling can help you to lose weight by giving you a better understanding of your relationship with food. However, the benefits don’t stop there. The great thing about diet journaling is that it doesn’t cost anything and you could get started right now.


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How to Make Weight Loss Easier

How to Make Weight Loss Easier

How to Make Weight Loss Easier

It’s no secret that dropping pounds is a challenging feat. Between finding the time to prepare healthy meals and educating yourself about your food, time and resources are limited.

In addition, some feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive which is why at Achieve we cut through the hype and give you a realistic, practical way of eating food from your grocery store so you can live a sustainable lifestyle.

Many people also find that losing weight is a challenge for them because they can’t curb their cravings. Often times, many people set out to achieve their weight loss goals, only to give up within a few days of starting. This can be both discouraging and disappointing for those in these situations.

How can you make losing weight easier? Since losing weight is a great challenge,  there are several things you can do to make this process easier and purposeful. Let’s consider a few tips you can start implementing today to tackle your weight loss journey. Let me share with you four ways how to make weight loss easier:

1. Set a Goal

Goal setting is an excellent way to kick start your loss journey. If you enter this new aspect of your life blind, you’ll easily get overwhelmed. Instead, write down your overall weight loss goal then set small milestones and focus on those only. For example, if you need to lose 75lbs then focus on losing 8-10 pounds a month. By setting your intentions and planning your goals accordingly, you’ll have a blueprint to go off of. This will help you navigate your weight loss journey easier.

2. Celebrate the “Wins”

Celebrate every small victory. If you started at 280lbs then celebrate when you cross into the 270’s! Celebrate when you lose your first 5lbs! Celebrate when you have lost 5% of your body weight, etc. At Achieve Weight Loss our online system awards you for reaching milestones. Your profile will show awards for every 5lbs lost, body percentage lost, crossing into healthier BMI’s, etc.

3. Address Cravings

If you know certain situations trigger your cravings, do your best to avoid them. For example, if you have to pass a bakery every day on your way home from work, perhaps try another route. If you know handing with certain people will drive you to overeat, limit your time with them. Identifying your triggers and doing what you can to avoid them is an excellent way to make weight loss easier.

Another way to make your weight loss easier is to find substitutes which will satisfy  your cravings for chocolate, chips, sweets, etc.  At Achieve Weight Loss we show you what products taste good and satisfy those cravings so you don’t have to feel deprived!

4. Don’t Starve Yourself

It’s easy to want to give up when you’re depriving yourself. There is no need to deprive yourself of a snack (or two), an extra or a freebie in addition to your three meals a day! Also, we educate you about how to make your food work for you so you will feel fuller longer.

Many people are shocked that at Achieve Weight Loss we allow people to have up to two days a week when they may eat whatever they want! Yes, you may gain a little weight on those days, but if you enjoy the occasional pizza there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. Weight loss is a mental game and if you feel deprived of having a night out with friends, you will not succeed! Deprivation will make you hate your weight loss journey.

5. Avoid Comparison

Comparison is the enemy of happiness. If you find yourself comparing your weight loss journey to someone else’s, you’ll easily get discouraged. Avoid comparing your body to others. Remember their body is NOT your body and vice versa. Everyone’s body is different. Be proud of your body throughout all aspects of your weight loss journey. This will keep you happy and motivated to continue on your journey.


Instead of viewing weight loss as this insurmountable feat, look at it as a small obstacle that you can overcome. With a little motivation and guidance, you can reach your weight loss goals. The trick here is to understand that it won’t be easy. When you set yourself up for expectations, you’re sure to fail. Therefore, be patient with yourself and do all you can to keep going on your weight loss journey. You’ll find that by taking it slow and implementing these four tips, you’ll have the ammunition you need to keep going.

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