Savory Sausage and Cheese Biscuits

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Enjoy this simple breakfast recipe from Julie Keister, a member of our Achieve Community. CLICK HERE to watch Julie tell her story about her 65lbs of weight loss with Achieve Weight Loss

While we are grocery-store based, this recipe uses a product CarbquickTM which you may or may not find in your local store. This revolutionary, low carbohydrate product is made from wheat so it is not gritty nor does it have a soy aftertaste. In addition, you can fry with this product. (We make fried chicken with it and it is yummy!) Compared to other baking mixes, CarbquickTM is lower in calories and sodium. Lastly, it is low in Impact Carbs (those carbs which can drive out the Fat Truck!).

A word of warning….

The Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle allows you to treat Fibrous Carbohydrate vegetables as freebies; however, this product is not a freebie. Even though it is lower in calories, sodium and carbs, it is still more calorie dense than Fibrous Carbohydrate vegetables. For example, you cannot make a whole platter of biscuits using CarbquickTM and eat them all in one sitting!

Although difficult to find your local store, you may purchase CarbquickTM by CLICKING HERE