General Restaurant Rule: 
Treat all proteins as a FP

Many items listed below are Achieve Approved (AA). Based on the nutrition labels they meet the Achieve Approved formulas. 

Menu ItemModificationsRestaurant
Chipotle Black Bean BurgerMay add a FCChili's
Grilled ChickenAdd a FC or a side saladsChili's
Grilled SteakAdd a FC Chili's
Lighter Choice 6 oz Classic SirloinNo Baked Potato.Chili's
Lighter Choice SalmonNo Rice. Extra Veggies. Chili's
Pork CarnitasAdd a FCChili's
Salmon with Garlic and HerbsDO NOT Add a Side Salad. Chili's
Seared ShrimpAdd a FC.Chili's
Terlingua Chili BowlDo not add anything to this even a FC. Chili's
Turkey BurgerMay add a FCChili's