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"My husband, Bob, has lost over 30 pounds. He now needs his oxygen only at night. His doctor has ordered another sleep study, he possibly may not need oxygen at all and this is due to his weight loss. He has gone from 4 shots a day to 1 shot and now that shot is half of the dosage.  We are thankful."

Georgia C.

We don't teach you a diet; we teach you how to make your food work for you! You can lose weight many different ways, but the question you have to ask yourself is: "Can I live this way?" We teach you how to lose weight while enjoying breads, pasta, beans, dairy and more. In fact, there is nothing you cannot eat! Our founder, Dr. Jim Wright, lost 35 pounds and has been living this lifestyle since 2011. Join the thousands of people who have learned how to make their food work for them!

The Achieve Difference

Focused on the Mind

Weight loss is 99% mental. Therefore, we focus on the mind in all our sessions and we motivate you daily with thought-provoking emails and a text message. 

Complete Support

Support is crucial and everyone needs it. We provide you with daily coaching feedback, unlimited access to our health coaches and you will gain strength and ideas from your peers. 

Sustainable Lifestyle

It does not matter if you lost your weight if you cannot maintain your weight loss! Since we educate you about your food, you learn a sustainable lifestyle. Plus, we are grocery-store based with no required product purchases!

What You Will Receive

Nutritional Tools

Your downloadable workbook includes:

  • Nutritional information
  • Four weeks of menus/Shopping list
  • Food listings
  • Grocery item ideas
  • Glossary

Online Tools

Your online tools includes 1 Year of:

  • Over 2,500 grocery items
  • Over 350 delicious recipes
  • Over 35 restaurants
  • On-demand & live weight loss classes
  • Achievement awards

Motivational Tools

Your daily motivational tools include:

  • 2 months of daily motivation video emails
  • 2 months of daily motivation texts 
  • 2 months daily coaching feedback
  • Private Facebook community
Online Course

Support is Awesome

"The Achieve Weight Loss lifestyle is one that we will both be able to maintain because it is truly so easy. The support is awesome, and the classes were always informative and entertaining."

-Stephanie L.

Greenwood, IN

Lifestyle I Can Live With

"I have lost 36 pounds to date.  I have appreciated the diet and feel like this is something I can live with long term."

-Debbie C. (35 lbs)

Camby, IN

Love it!

I have very much enjoyed the online course!  I can watch the videos on my time and have learned so much.  I have lost weight every week and been very pleased with the results.  One thing I very much enjoy is the daily Minute to Slim It videos, very encouraging!  For the time I was receiving the daily text, I also found those so helpful.  This is a lifestyle and I will continue on.  Love it!

-Stephanie L.

Greenwood, IN

Eat Regular Food

"I get to eat regular food and I don’t have that starved feeling all the time. It is a lifestyle and not a diet, so I will be able to maintain a healthy weight when I achieve my goal."

-Marilyn B (30lbs)

Mooresville, IN

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