Learn How to Make Your Food Work for You!

Sustainable weight loss is about learning how to make your food work for you!

Create a Personalized Menu

We will create a menu from the foods you have in your refrigerator, pantry and freezer.  

Eat What You Like

Sustainable weight loss is not possible if you have to eat foods you don't like. Learn how to transform your favorite meals. 

Free Class

There is no charge for this class, Plus, learn about a free trial to test run Achieve Weight Loss and see if it is for you!

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Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, we must limit the class to 6 people! Also, please wear a mask. 

The Free Meal Planning Class is on the second floor of the new hospital edition in the Wellness Department. Enter in the Main Entrance, turn right and go to elevators and take to the second floor. 

Mondays at 6:15-7:15 pm
2nd Floor JMH 
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Your Coach: Jim Wright

Following a major back surgery in 2010, Jim realized he needed to lose weight. In February, 2011 he started his nutritional journey by educating himself about food and spending hours in the grocery store cataloging foods he could make work for him. In four months he lost 35 pounds. Soon after, he was asked to put his meal plans into a book and to begin teaching weight loss.  

Jim completed a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification from International Sport Science Association and also became a certified weight loss coach for Thrive Weight Loss, LLC. Rome, Georgia. 

In 2013, Thrive Weight Loss closed. Now, freed from contracts, Jim opened Achieve Weight Loss in August 2013. Achieve Weight Loss is honored to be asked to partner with the Corporate Wellness Services of Johnson Memorial Hospital.

Jim Wright

CEO Achieve Weight Loss

Other Options through JMH

Due to our partnership with JHM, we are proud to offer a discount to all who attend the classes at JMH

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"I Will always be grateful for coming to your classes because it gave me a real eye opener for Life!"

Melodie G.


" I had been doing Keto for a while, but it’s hard to do long-term. I like the achieve plan because I can eat normal food and do this way of eating forever. Plus, there’s cheat days!"

Lisa B.


"This is a very good weight loss program that is doable."

Diane R.
Retired Dietician

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Due to our partnership with JHM, we are proud to offer a discount to all who attend the classes at JMH

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