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We've taught over 3,000 people how to make their food work for them. The average weight loss is 2 pounds per week during the first four weeks. You can expect to lose 8-12 pounds in your first month! Studies show that losing just 5% of your body weight can have a significant impact in your health.

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  • Grocery Store Based
  • Proper Intake of Macronutrients
  • Education About Your Food
  • Lifestyle not a Diet
  • Up to Two Cheat Days a Week
  • You Learn to Create Your Own Menus
  • Daily Motivational Emails
  • Feedback from Coaches

What Medical Professionals Have to Say

Shane Melaugh

“After attending the four week Achieve Weight Loss classes, I can confidently recommend this for my patients. It teaches healthy lifestyle modifications for those who need help losing weight or managing diabetes.”

Pam Lynch, M.D

Shane Melaugh

“The method of weight loss, or life style change, you promote is a healthy and do-able way to live. It eliminates the foods that are not healthy, or might even do damage to our bodies and replaces them with healthier options that work for our bodies instead of against it. My family has greatly benefited from the changes we have made thanks to your program.”

Kristin Wood, M.D.

Free Seminar + E-BOOK

What Participants Have to Say

Shane Melaugh

“I have battled with my weight for 20 years and the excess weight was physically hard on my body causing knee and ankle pain. Over the past 20 years, I have tried numerous diets, but Achieve made a difference. Achieve is not a diet but a lifestyle teaching how to eat healthier and survive in the real world.”

Tana L (70+ pounds!)

Shane Melaugh

"I hadn’t changed my eating habits, but I was slowly gaining weight. My first thought was to blame my age and/or my metabolism. What I learned at Achieve is that I wasn’t eating the correct foods to burn fat. I was eating foods that caused my body to store fat. I had tried other methods to lose weight. I might lose a little, but would eventually gain it back. With Achieve, I don’t have to eat “rabbit food” all the time. I get to eat regular food and I don’t have that starved feeling all the time. To date, I have lost almost 30 pounds and kept it off. I can still enjoy all my favorite foods, go on vacation and eat out. It is a lifestyle and not a diet, so I will be able to maintain a healthy weight when I achieve my goal."

Marilyn B (25+pounds!)

Our Advisory Team

Achieve Weight Loss is overseen by a team of medical professionals to ensure integrity and balance

Dr. Pam Lynch

General Practice

Dr. Lynda Kasper

Retired, IUPUI School of Medicine

Kristin Gaby


Dr. Jennifer Bigelow 

General Practice

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