How is Achieve Weight Loss different than other programs?

  • We are not a supplemental or pre-packaged based program.
  • We educate people about food found in their pantries, refrigerators, freezers, and local stores.
  • We are not here to sell people a proprietary product or get them into a reoccurring product program.
  • Unlike calorie based programs, you cannot cheat and call it a Healthy Day!
  • On a Healthy Day you will get a balance and proper intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

My I attend the first class before I decide?  Yes!

Is Achieve Weight Loss a low-carb diet?

  • We are a lower-carb balanced lifestyle . You can still enjoy fruit, potatoes and pasta on a Healthy Day!

Is Achieve Weight Loss a high-protein diet?

  • No. Our clients do not consume any more protein than a person would on the USDA's 2,000 calorie diet. 

What is your success rate?

  • We have a 95% success rate of weight loss during our four week program. The 5% who do not lose weight are those who make no effort to apply what they have learned and, as a result, often do not complete the classes.
  • Our average weight loss attendee loses an average of 2.8lbs per week for an average of over 11.2lbs during our 4 week program.

What happens after the 4 weeks weight loss classes?

  • Participants learn all they need to lose the weight. However, many wish to continue for accountability and furthering educational reasons. To meet this need, we offer Lifestyle classes on over 45 different topics. These classes meet at different times during the week. They are all broadcast live online and are archived online as well. Participants also receive a Lifestyle journal which is checked by our coaches.

How many people choose to continue with the Lifestyle Classes?

  • About 70% of those who attend our 6 week weight loss classes opt to continue.

Do you sell any products?

  • Yes we do; however, we make it very clear that the products we offer are optional tools to help satisfy cravings or to help people who have a busy lifestyle. None of the products we carry are required to lose weight.

What products do you sell?

  • Meal and snack bars, shakes, baking mixes, cooking oil, pastas, beef jerkees, cookbook, and more. However, none of these products are required on the program: we are grocery store based.
  • We look for products which help fill "voids" (e.g., chocolate, crunchy, etc) but do not derail weight loss. 

What is your stance on artificial sweeteners?

  • We recommend clients use Stevia, Monk Fruit or sugar alcohols as sweeteners. 
  • We recommend clients limit artificial sweeteners when possible. 

Do you require exercise to lose weight?

  • No. Exercise is important-and we will give you reasons you should exercise-but nutrition is 90% of the battle. 

Can you eat fruit in the Achieve Lifestyle?

  • Yes! However, fruit does cause a slow Fat Truck response. Therefore, we want you to pair it with other food categories to neutralize the Fat Truck. In other words, fruit is not a freebie on Achieve on a Healthy Day!

Will my Insurance pay for the program?

  • You may be able to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for Achieve Weight Loss program if the weight loss is a treatment for a specific disease diagnosed by a physician (such as obesity, hypertension, or heart disease). For more information, see “Weight-Loss Program” in IRS Publication 502 (PDF).