How to Help People Grow Spiritually and Lose Weight with
Achieve Discipleship

Address a Need Felt by Many

The statistics are terrible. People are killing themselves with food. This is a way to reach people and minister to your congregation.

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Weight Loss

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Teach your people how to live out Romans 12:1 by giving them the spiritual tools they need to lose weight coupled with proven nutritional education. We come alongside you to personally guide your group via online journals, daily videos, and more.  Your people will gain biblical knowledge and nutritional knowledge empowering them to live a sustainable weight loss lifestyle.

What You'll Discover in this Course:

Biblical Principles

Learn how the believers can use their bodies as an act of worship.

A Sustainable Weight Loss Lifestyle

You will discover a lifestyle that is practical and realistic resulting in weight loss and maintenance.

Nutritional Principles

Learn about the food in your grocery stores. Learn how to identify and qualify foods.


Having the common bond of losing weight will bring your group together living out Galatians 6:2.

What Others Are Saying:

Pam Lynch, M.D.

“I can confidently recommend this for my patients."

Tana Lobb , Participant

"I have tried numerous diets, but Achieve made a difference."

Kristin Wood, M.D.

"The method of weight loss you promote is a healthy and do-able way to live." 

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