About Us

Our Program

  • 4 Weeks of 1.5 hrs of Learning
  • Weekly Weigh-in
  • Tape Measure Assessment
  • Daily Motivational Emails
  • Journal Checking 
  • Nutritional Workbook
  • Weight Loss Journal
  • Online Tools
    -Grocery Database
    -Recipe Database
    -Restaurant Database
    -Weight Loss Videos
    -Exercise Videos
    -Meal Planner
    -Grocery List Planner
    -Weight Tracker
    -...and more!
  • Our Difference

    1. Grocery Store Based
    2. Daily Intake of Macronutrients
    3. We Teach You How to Make Your Food Work for You
    4. No Required Product Purchases
    5. Emphasizes Exercise
    6. Completely Customizable
    7. Daily Motivational Videos 
    8. No Calorie Counting
    9. No Weighing Food
    10. Real-Life Weight Loss

    Our Team

    Jim Wright, FNS
    Lead Coach, Co-Owner

    Laura Wright, CPT
    Customer Service, Co-Owner

    Tana L. (70lbs)
    Coach, Martinsville

    Cami W. (35lbs)
    Coach, Greenwood

    Annca C. (55lbs)
    Coach, Greenwood

    Angie K. (50lbs)
    Assistant Coach, Martinsville