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Tips for Navigating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, for many people, is a time for feasting. It is a time when we eat foods we don’t normally enjoy. How do you enjoy Thanksgiving without allowing it to derail your weight loss? What are some tips which will help you successful navigate this festive time while still moving towards your weight loss goal?


Why People Regain Their Weight Loss?

Studies show that most people regain their weight loss! Why do most people regain their weight? Here are few reasons people regain their weight loss. Once you know why the next question is: what are you going to do about it?


Pizza Hack: Make Pizza Work for You!

You don’t have to avoid pizza on a sustainable weight loss lifestyle. You don’t have to throw away pizza from your Junk Day either! Nor do you have to avoid pizza restaurants. Read this blog and get some ways to make pizza work for you!