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  • 110 page nutritional book download*
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  • - Tons of Information
  • 60 daily motivational emails
  • 60 daily motivational texts
  • 2 Months coaching via food journal feedback
  • 1 Year online access
  • -Restaurant Databases (over 35)
  • -Recipe Database (over 350 recipes)
  • -Grocery Database (over 1,5000 items)
  • -On-Demand Weight Loss Course ​
  • -Live Weight Loss Classes
  • -Exercise Database (Nearly 100 exercises)
  • Earn awards
  • Weight tracker
  • *Online members receive a download. a hard copy may be purchased in online store for an additional fee. 


     I think your class and the materials are great. I think the method of weight loss, or life style change, you promote is a healthy and do-able way to live. It eliminates the foods that are not healthy, or might even do damage to our bodies and replaces them with healthier options that work for our bodies instead of against it.

      My family has greatly benefited from the changes we have made thanks to your program. I have benefited with a 13 lb. weight loss.* My goal is now within reach, and I have the tools I need to quit letting my weight go back up each fall/winter!

Kristin Wood, M.D



My wife helped me get started on the Achieve lifestyle. I said “I am not a diet kind of guy; I want to eat red meat.” After hearing Jim’s testimony and his explanation of how Achieve allows you to eat what you already eat but in the right portions, timings, and pairing of foods I thought I’d give it a shot. My weight started to come off and I thought I can do this; I need to do this. I’ve lost 33-35 pounds. When I started to lose weight it just snowballed.

Jeff D. (lost 35lbs)

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