TV Dinner
The TV Dinner has been a mainstay of many American homes since 1953 when it was invented by C.A. Swanson & Sons. The first TV Dinner consisted of turkey, cornbread dressing, peas, and sweet potatoes. These meals were originally on a aluminum tray which was divided into individual compartments. Although microwave ovens were invented in 1946, most homes had yet to able to afford them; thus the TV Dinners were heated in an oven for about 25 minutes.

The popularity of the TV Dinner surpassed all expectation! Originally, Swanson expected to sell about 5,000 dinners, but to their surprise they ended up selling more than 10 million in their first year! The prepackaged meal industry exploded and so did the offerings. First, a desert compartment was added to the trays (1960), then breakfast TV Dinners were produced (1969), and in 1986 microwave TV Dinners were introduced. Others joined Swanson for a cut of the market and rest is history!

TV Dinners and Weight Loss

Prepackaged meala have not been without critics. They have been criticized for high levels of sodium, fat and artificial ingredients. At Achieve Weight Loss, we don’t suggest you live on TV Dinners, but we don’t put them off limits either. They can be a handy tool on a day when time is limited.

How do you know what TV Dinners can work for you on a sustainable weight loss lifestyle? The following are three suggestions:

1. Look for prepackaged meal which meet the Achieve Weight Loss meal formula. We teach a simple formula to qualify prepackaged meal products and recipes. In our opinion, this formula ensures that we leverage the Thermic Effect of Food to its best potential, keeps insulin at a low level enabling fat burn, and it keeps the calories in check. To get a sample of the Achieve Weight Loss program, try our free trial.

2. As a general rule, avoid TV Dinners which have the following as a key ingredient: pasta, rice and potatoes. There are exceptions to this rule which the Achieve meal replacement formula will help you identify.

3. Avoid TV Dinners which use sweet sauces. Many international TV Dinners tend to use a lot of sugar in the sauces. Again, the Achieve formula will help you find the ones which work in these categories.

So you don’t feel like you wasted your time reading this article, I am going to list a few TV Dinners that work. Please note that because one particular TV Dinner works from a product line does not mean that all the TV Dinners by the manufacturer work for sustainable weight loss.TV Dinner

Two Breakfast TV Dinners

1. Jimmy Dean® Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bowl
2. Smart Ones Crispy Bacon Scramble, Frozen Meal

Two Lunch/Supper TV Dinners

1. Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Frozen Dinner Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

2. Barber Foods® Stuffed Chicken Breasts Cordon Bleu

There are many more TV Dinners which work that are listed in the grocery database on the Achieve Weight Loss website. The bottom line is that you can eat TV Dinners while still living a weight loss lifestyle.

Have a Healthy Day,