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The designation Trail Mix is self-explanatory. This convenient snack is meant to be enjoyed while taking in the beauty of God’s creation. The existence of trial mix dates back to 1958 when it is mentioned in the novel “The Dharma Burns” by Jack Kerouac. In the book, the main characters mention trail mix as they plan their hiking trip. The more specific combination of peanuts and raisins was the result of two California surfers who created the popular blend in 1968.

Benefits of Trail Mix

Sometimes referred to as Gorp, this convenient product provides a steady boost of carbohydrates as you are expending energy in outdoor activity. Since the carbohydrates are primarily from nuts and dried fruit they are slow to absorb due to the fiber content. Because nuts tend to be high in fats, they provide sustained energy.

Trail mix is also lightweight and is easy to take on trips. In addition, the contents won’t spoil since most of them are dried.

Trail Mix and Weight Loss

There are many variations of trail mix which you may purchase–or you can create your own. However, just because the product includes nuts and seeds does not automatically mean it is good for weight loss.

1.Trail mixes can be high in sugar. Many trail mixes include dried fruit, chocolates and other high-sugar components. The recommendations we will share have, in our opinion, a better balance of protein to simple carbohydrate ratios.

2. Trail mixes can be very high in calories. Nuts and seeds are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and while these are deemed the “healthy’ fats, they are still high in calories. Therefore, you cannot eat trail mix with impunity and still lose weight. Remember, the calorie-side is part of the weight loss game! In general, you need to limit the mix to 1/3 cup as a snack (or about a small handful)

3. Avoid trail mixes labels as “indulgent”, “tropical”, or are fruit based. Typically, you are safer with mixes that are spicy, Cajun or peanut butter based. Keto or protein trail mixes will often work for you as well.

Here are a few recommendations we have for trail mix:

Kroger Options

Kroger® Simply Classic Trail Mix

Kroger® Peanut Butter Favored Pretzel Trail Mix

Kroger® Tex Mex Trail Mix

Walmart Options

Planters® Spicy Nuts And Cajun Stick Trail Mix

Great Value Omega3 Trail Mix

Great Value Tex Mex Trail Mix

Many more options are listed in the grocery database at Achieve Weight Loss. In addition, we teach you the simple formula you can use to qualify the best trail mixes when you are shopping or creating your own version.

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